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Scat cranks


Your crankshaft is in good hands with us.

We provide everything from simple journal repair to the custom welding involved in changing a journal's diameter. We inspect for cracks and do straightening, balancing, nitriting, and stroking. Our 20 years of automotive engine building and precision machining experience provides you with the right crank for your street, racing, marine, or antique engine.


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We carry quality Scat crankshafts, Diamond pistons, and a wide range of engine parts from trusted sources.   Our engine building experience provides our customers with the best possible engine combinations for their needs. We sell a full range of rotating assembly combinations.

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Phone: 586-549-7557    Email:   sales@performancecrankshaft.com

Before shipping your crank, contact us to arrange for required work, turnaround time, and preferred shipping methods to ensure your crank arrives safely.  

Find us on E-bay as seller "awbrown".